MakeMyDelivery CA Inter COMPACT A Handwritten Book Income tax By CA Bhanwar Borana Applicable For November 2022 Exam


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CA Inter DT COMPACT Handwritten Bhanwar Borana May / Nov 2022

This book covers THEORY PART Of CA Inter DT (60 marks) only and MCQs Issued by the ICAI. Questions & Answers are not Covered in this book.

“COMPACT” is a Color- coded book for easy understanding
Blue – Main Content
Red-Important Point &Words
Green– Amendments


  1. Basic Concept
  2. Residence And Scope Of Total Income
  3. Incomes Which Do Not Form Part Of Total Income (Exempt Income)
  4. Income From Salary
  5. Income From House Property
  6. Profit Or Gain From Business & Profession
  7. Capital Gain
  8. Income From Other Sources
  9. Clubbing Of Income
  10. Set Off & Carry Forward Of Losses
  11. Deduction Under Section Vi – A
  12. Advance Tax
  13. Interest U/S 234 A/B/C/D & 244a
  14. TDS
  15. Provisions For Filing Return Of Income And Self-Assessment
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